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Trailer Reaction: Blade Runner 2049

The Blade Runner 2049 teaser is truly a tease. Capping at a minute and a half, we see that Harrison Ford is continuing his role of Rick Deckard and Ryan Gosling as Detective K who needs Deckard's help to unearth a long-buried secret. I'm glad that one of the original writers, Hampton Fancher, is returning to write this sequel. So lower your volumes a bit and watch me scream my head off every five seconds. This is going to be a good one!

Like most people, I was skeptical about Blade Runner getting a reboot, sequel, or whatever Hollywood is always concocting up to ruin all our favorite original films. But once I heard Denis Villeneuve's name attached to the project, my disdain quickly turned into elation because that is one man that can do no wrong! Villeneuve has consistently released some of the most groundbreaking and thought-provoking films in the last decade to shows that he can play with the big dogs in Hollywood on his own terms. And that's not something to fuck with. 

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