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Eliza Hittman's 'Beach Rats' Teaser & Poster

I took one look at a still of Eliza Hittman's sophomore film, Beach Rats and have never felt more compelled to watch a film about a half-naked white boy than in this moment. Written and Directed by Hittman, Beach Rats follows Frankie, a teen struggling to escape his bleak home life in Brooklyn while trying to come to terms with his sexual orientation. He spends his summer with his delinquent boy gang, girlfriend and older men he meets online. It sure sounds like we're in for a wiiiiild summer!

Beach Rats premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival, received raving reviews and went on to win the festival's Directing Award for U.S. Drama. I haven't watched Hittman's previous film, It Felt Like Love but I know that she is one of this generation's freshest and boldest cinematic voice.  This teaser trailer is undeniably seductive and leaves me salivating for more! It's unclear when the film will come out but knowing that Neon acquired the film, I know it's in good hands so let the waiting game begin!

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