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Girl Talk Series | Ep. 6 | Marriage is Complicated

The Girl Talk Series is back and this time it's a Korea Edition in Marriage is Complicated. Vivian and Mia, two Korean girls living in Seoul, Korea, discuss Korean weddings, dating culture and martial customs. Growing up in a culture obsessed with the concept of weddings and marriage, the rampant societal pressure to tie the knot is more fervent than ever. In Korea, if one can't find a partner through means of a dating website or friends, parents can apply their children into a dating arrangement so they can meet someone. Although, some want to break out of the traditional mold of marriage, it's still difficult because in Korea, marriage is not about just two people but the entire family. As Vivian and Mia exchange words about Korea's most traditional subject, we learn not only more about Korean culture but realize that even though we all come different cultures, we're not so different after all.

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