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Girl Talk Series | Ep. 7 | I Think We Were Born in the Wrong Country

The Girl Talk Series is back and this time it's a Korea Edition in I Think We Were Born in the Wrong Country. Jaejung and Heejin, two 14-year-olds, living in Seoul, Korea, discuss their discontentment of the high pressure Korean education system. It's widely known that South Korea ranks second in the list of Countries with the Best Education Systems. But at what cost? Most kids attend school on the weekdays and in addition, an after school academy, seven days a week. Not only do they have a remarkable and intense education system in Korea but it is one of the leading countries with the highest suicide rate. It's shocking to hear these girls joke about suicide but this is their reality and they're very aware of it. Studying 12 hours in total, morning to night, seven days a week is a lifestyle they've come to be accustomed to especially when good education leads to a guaranteed brighter future. At times somber and bleak, this is a glimpse into these young girls' world.

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