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Streetwear Doc 'Built to Fail' Trailer

What would LA be without its streetwear culture? Built to Fail is a documentary by The Hundred's co-founder, Bobby Hundreds, as he takes a journey to define and document one of the most elusive fashion phenomena of our times, Streetwear. With interviews by Russell Simmons, A$AP Rocky, Benny Gold, and so many more, we get an insider's look at the history of streetwear and it's current state right now.

Truth be told, I would've never known about The Hundreds if it wasn't for my ex-boyfriend's obsessive passion for the streetwear culture. And I'm better for it because it's a culture that is so engrained in Los Angeles, a place I'm proud to call my home. I can't to see the film at its premiere at LA Film Fest this weekend! See ya all there! 

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