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LA Film Fest '17: Built to Fail

Year: 2017
Director: Bobby Kim, Scott Weintrob
Cast: A$AP Rocky, Russell Simmons, Tommy Hilfiger, 
Country of Origin: USA
Rating: NR
Time: 80 mins.

I recently went to the LA Film Festival (See vlog) and saw the streetwear documentary, Built to Fail. Built to Fail is a documentary by The Hundred's co-founder, Bobby Hundreds, as he takes a journey to define and document one of the most elusive fashion phenomena of our times, Streetwear. With interviews by Russell Simmons, A$AP Rocky, Benny Gold, and so many more, we get an insider's look at the history of streetwear and it's current state right now. This film is a primer for any streetwear obsessed teen or enthusiast, who wants to start their own brand. It's no easy ride and the film goes through the perils and tribulations of what the business has to offer and how it's evolving. 

Like I said before, I would've never known about The Hundreds if it wasn't for my ex-boyfriend's obsessive passion for the streetwear culture. And I know I'm better for it because as a proud Los Angelenos, LA wouldn't be LA without its streetwear culture.

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