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Watch: Blue Nights

Every year, I like to create at least one short film just for my own sanity. So, Kristine Gerolaga and I went out to my favorite place in the city AKA Koreatown (of course), to shoot a little something something. You may have noticed that Kristine was my actress from my short last year, Blue Paradise (See here) for the YOMYOMF + Justin Lin short film competition. She also directed her own short for that called Hit or Miss and it's one of my favorite shorts (See here). While we were shooting this, we realized that this story could be a continuation of Blue Paradise. 

Blue Nights follows an an aspiring actress who leaves her mom a heartfelt voicemail during one somber night in Koreatown. I wanted to show the realities of being a struggling artist living in Los Angeles. As second generation Asian-Americans, many of us still feel obligated to comply to our parent's wishes and this film was a way to show how sometimes we have to sugarcoat our lives to them in order to keep pursuing our dreams, no matter how lonely that journey may be. I hope you enjoy. 

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